About Us

Far East Flix, Founded in 1992

For over 25 years, Far East Flix has been bringing the dedicated and serious collector obscure Kung-Fu, Horror, Sci-Fi, Exploitation and Samurai films from all over the world. We have a vast selection of high-quality widescreen, subtitled prints of obscure Asian films which you will not find anywhere else. We also offer many English language dubbed films, for those who do not care for subtitles. We've worked hard to bring you some of the most sought after Asian films the world has to offer. Add to that, some of the best video print quality in the business you will see, plus a wealth of information on our website - which you will not find in any book or printed magazine. We are sure you will find that there is something here you will like!

What we do... We use only HIGH QUALITY, PRO-GRADE Taiyo Yuden DVD's for the absolute best in overall quality, picture quality, compatibility and longest viewing life. We use some of the finest capturing equipment, the latest technology in industrial DVD software and ALL ORIGINAL source material. We also offer our subtitling and DVD authoring services to OTHER online Asian dealers. Chances are you have already seen our work.

What we DON’T do... We do NOT use the “stand-alone” type DVD Recorders that ALMOST ALL other dealers use to author our discs. That is just lazy and lame! Our DVD's come with full-size color DVD packaging, unlike others who sell their discs in a plain white paper sleeve or simple jewel case, or better yet - who will CHARGE EXTRA for a cover!

All of the films we offer are usually of “EXCELLENT-MASTER” quality. Remember, a DVD can only be as good as the source material that was used; it will never look better. Like you, we wish that everything could always look amazing. But at times, the rarer the film is, we find that the quality may not be the best. 

Don't be fooled into purchasing inferior quality films from unknowledgeable video venders who use cheap, photocopied packaging! We do not push the sale or our titles by offering the old “buy 5 bad prints to get 1 free” scam. There are no gimmicks needed here. With us, there is one thing that is for sure, you can ALWAYS ask us and we WILL ALWAYS give you an HONEST opinion.


FAR EAST FLIX - Accept No Substitutes!