Beach of the War Gods

Beach of the War Gods
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Beach of the War Gods
AKA: Blood Dragon


YEAR: 1973

Running Time: 97 mins. approx.

Jimmy Wang Yu
Lung Fei
Tin Yau
Sit Hon
Shan Mao
Choi Wang
Kwan Hung
Cheung Yee Kwai
Su Chen Ping
Hsieh Hsing
Cho Kin
Blacky Ko
Jack Long
Lui Jun
Man Man
O Yau Man
Poon Chuen Ling
Shih Ting Ken
Tsang Ming Cheong
Wong Wing Sang
Yeung Lit

Directed by:
Jimmy Wang Yu

During the last days of the Ming Dynasty, the coast of Southeast China was at the mercy of marauding of Japanese pirates. When Hangchow city was occupied, the general’s cousin Hsiao Feng, a fencing master-hand, went to rescue his uncle but failed. When he arrived in a small town, he met Shinobu’s army tyrannizing the common people. He tried to help them out and planed to organize them to fight against the enemy. When they knew that the enemy’s army carrying the provender would arrive in 7 days, they decided to annihilate them in the Beach of The War Gods and arranged everything well there. It was at night that the enemy arrived there and was hit by the trap. When rest of the arms rushed into the town, the Chinese people fought against them hard. Shinobu finally decided to fight with Hsiao alone and was killed.

Video:  Color / 16:9 Anamorphic / 2.35:1 / Widescreen Version
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Language: English Language
Subtitles: NONE

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