Dragon and Tiger Kids, The

Dragon and Tiger Kids, The
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The Dragon an Tiger Kids
AKA: The Dragon and the Tiger Kids; The Hell's Wind Staff; The Hell's Windstaff; Hell'Z Windstaff


YEAR: 1979

Running Time: 82 mins. approx.

Hwang Jang Lee
Meng Yuen Man
Meng Hoi
Jason Pai Piao
Yip Fei Yang
Kwan Yung Moon
Lau Hok Nin
Baan Yun Sang
Wong Mei
Hsu Hsia
Cheung Hei
Chui Fat
Gam Tin Chue
Ho Kei Cheong
Kei Ho Chiu
Lee Chun Hwa
Lin Ke Ming
Lo Wai
Tai San
Wang Han Chen
Yeung Sai Gwan

Directed by:
Tony Wong
Tony Liu

Kung fu super villain Hwang Jang Lee (known among fans as "Silver Fox," the killer he first portrayed in THE SECRET RIVALS) is the main attraction in this above average period effort, which was reportedly adapted from a comic book. Impudent but likeable kung fu students Tiger Wong (Meng Yuan Man) and Stone Dragon (Meng Hoi) have the potential to be great fighters but seem more interested in driving their teachers to distraction. Unfortunately for both, their masters are on to them, with Ching (Jason Pai Piao) making life especially miserable for Tiger. Trouble emerges in the form of slave traders who dupe innocent townspeople into a making trip to Borneo from which they will never return. Tiger and Dragon bust up the operation but Tiger's father and Ching are murdered in retribution. The pair seek refuge with Dragon's teacher (Kwan Yung Moon), who agrees to help teach them "The White Dragon Fist" and "The Paddle Staff" styles. Only these techniques, when used in conjunction, possess the power to overcome the villains' leader (Hwang), who is master of the legendary "Devil's Rod" pole fighting style.

Video:  Color / 4:3  / Fullscreen Version
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Language: English Language
Subtitles: None

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