Queen's Ransom, A

Queen's Ransom, A
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A Queen's Ransom
AKA: Operation Regina


YEAR: 1976

Running Time: 93 mins. approx.

Jimmy Wang Yu
Angela Mao Ying
George Lazenby
O Chun Hung
Tien Ni
Charles Heung
Judith Brown
Cheung Pooi Saan
Dean Shek
Bolo Yeung Tze
Peter Chan
Cheung Ging Boh
Chu Tiet Wo
Chung Gam Gwai
Han Ying Chieh
Hon Yee Sang
Kok Lee Yan
Kong Chuen
Ling Hon
Helen Poon
Shikamura Yasuyoshi
Wan Leng Gwong
Wong Sam
Wu Jiaxiang

Directed by:

Ding Sin Saai

Bar girl Jane reports to the police that one of her customers, a Philippine told her he would assassinate the Queen of England. Since it's the eve of Queen's visit to Hong Kong, Superintendent Ko sends his man Wah to investigate it. George, a reactionary from North Ireland, comes to Hong Kong with his girlfriend Black Rose, planning to assassinate the Queen. His assistant hires six killers for him. Chan, the Philippine is among the list. George assigns the six killers to locate at different sites where the Queen is about to pass by, so that they can carry out their plan. Meanwhile, the police get the news that large quantities of gold will be smuggled into Hong Kong by some Cambodian governors. When the police get the clues about the six killers and successfully arrest them, the major criminals George and Black Rose disappear. Actually by using his assistant to transfer the police's attention, they go to get the gold from the Cambodian. After a severe fight between them, lots of people die and get hurt while George is caught by the police.

Video:  Color / 16:9 Enhanced / 2.35:1 Widescreen Version 
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Language: English Language
Subtitles: English

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