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Shaolin and Wu Tang

Shaolin and Wu Tang
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Shaolin and Wu Tang
AKA: Shaolin VS Wu Tang; Shaolin and Wutang; Shaolin VS Wutang; Shaolin & Wu Tang; Shaolin Master Killer


YEAR: 1987

Running Time:
78 mins. approx.


Gordon Liu
Adam Cheng
Cheng Li
Idy Chan
Kwan Hoi San
Wang Lung Wei
Wong Ching Ho
Cheng Miu
Chan Shen
Lee Pang Fei
Lee Hoi San
Baak Wong Gei
Chan Keung
Stephen Chan
Chui Chung Hok
Kei Ho Chiu
Keung Hon
Lee Ging Chung
Lin Ke Ming
Mak Wai Cheung
San Sin
Sek Gong
Sham Chin Bo
Elvis Tsui
Yeung Sai Gwan

Directed by:
Lau Kar Leung

A corrupt governor (Wang Lung Wei) wants to control all of the kung fu in his province, so he sets out to put the Shaolin and Wu Tang clans against each other via a tournament pitting the two top fighters (Gordon Liu and Adam Cheng) versus one another.

Video:  Color / 16:9 Enhanced / 2.35:1 Widescreen Version
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Language: English Language
Subtitles: None

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Rashedo
Rashedo bought "Shaolin and Wu Tang" on our website
05/26/2018 - 12:08:21 PM

good Dialogue

This version is actually 10mins shorter than the UK version and it is not remastered which I did not realise before buying so the copy is not that great. the good thing is , it is widescreen , there was a little glitch for 5seconds at the part of the chess game it kept pausing must be to do with the print. such a good movie with a bad print but the dialogue makes up to it.

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