Shaolin Plot, The (Original English Dub)

Shaolin Plot, The (Original English Dub)
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The Shaolin Plot (Original English Dub)


YEAR: 1977

Running Time: 109 mins. approx.

Chan Sing
Cheung Ging Boh
Sammo Hung
Hung Sing Chung
Kam Kong
Kwan Shan
Kwan Yung Moon
James Tien
Casanova Wong
Wong Hap
Yuen Sam
Billy Chan
Peter Chan
Chin Yuet Sang
Chung Fat
Fung Hak On
Huang Feng
Lam Ching Ying
Lin Ke Ming
Ma Kim Tong
Meng Hoi
Stephen Tung Wei
Austin Wai
Wang Han Chen
Yen Shi Kwan
Yuen Biao

Directed by:
Huang Feng

The Prince Daglen (Chan Sing) is a top martial artist, is planning to subdue all the martial arts schools. First he sent Tibetan Lama Gold Cymbles (Cheung Ging Boh) to the Kunlun School to demand the top secret from chief Ku. Ku refuses but loses the fight. However, his son Little Tiger (James Tien) manages to escape with the secret. Little Tiger seeks the protection of Shaolin monk Pu Hui (Kam Kong). The lama injures Pu Hui and gets the secret from Little Tiger. Prince Daglen now goes to Shaolin Temple, he poses himself as a Shaolin monk and gets into the temple to steal the secrets. Little Tiger learns of the Prince's plot by accident. His master Pu Hui sends him to Shaolin to warn the monks. But Daglen has abducted the abbot. He demands the monk trade Shaolin's secrets for the abbot. Little Tiger storms Daglen's palace, to a series of fierce fights with Prince Daglen...

Video:  Color / 16:9 Enhanced / 2.35:1 Widescreen Version
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Language: English
Subtitles: NONE

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