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Fatal Vacation (English Dub)

Fatal Vacation (English Dub)
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Fatal Vacation


YEAR: 1990

Running Time: 92 mins. approx.

Eric Tsang
Irene Wan
Tang Pik Wan
Nam Yin
Tommy Wong
Joan Tong
Cecilia Yiu
Victor Wong
Emily Kwan
Chui Sin Man
Bernardo Bernardo
Chan Chi Yu
Chan Haau Ling
Chan Lai Hing
Jimmy Fabregas
Hau Jan Yue
Perrie Lai
Lee Chi Hei
Lee Kim Chung
Leung Hon Leung
Crispin Medina
Alex Mondragoxi
Siu Huen
Tang Keung Mei
Tang Keung Ying

Directed by:
Eric Tsang

Travel agent Eric is very good at organizing Hong Kong tours to the Philippines. In addition to visits to scenic spots and night dives, he even lines up soldiers with uniforms and live ammunition for sale. If these are not enough, Eric is famous for his dirty ditties. So, the tourists come in droves. There are the spoiled rich girl, the ladies with loose morals, the grandparents with the child, twin brothers from Taiwan, the cops on holiday, and the hoods on holiday: quite a motley lot! But everything goes wrong. They are hijacked by armed Philippine Communists who hold them as hostages to bargain for the release of their captured leader. The Reds rape and torture. They kill off the hostages daily to put pressure on the government. Finally the holiday-makers are force to fight back, and the most unlikely of heroes get their chance to show their courage.

Video:  Color / 16:9 Enhanced / 1.85:1 Widescreen Version
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Language: English Language
Subtitles: None

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