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Opium and the Kung Fu Master (English Dub)

Opium and the Kung Fu Master (English Dub)
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Opium and the Kung Fu Master
AKA: Opium And The Kung-Fu Master; Master of the Hung Clan; The Lightning Fists of Shaolin



YEAR: 1984

Running Time: 90 mins. approx.

Ti Lung
Chen Kuan Tai
Tong Gaai
Robert Mak
Lau Suet Wah
Philip Ko Fei
Goo Goon Chung
Alan Chan
Lee Hoi San
Ma Chao
Chan Shen
Stephen Chan
Chan Yuet Yue
Cheng Miu
Cheung Chok Chow
Cheung Gwok Wa
Cheung Sek Aau
Choi Kwok Keung
Fong Yue
Fung Ming
Ho Pak Kwong
Ho Wai Han
Ho Wing Cheung
Kong Chuen
Kong Long
Kwan Feng
Lam Bing Sang
David Lam
Lee Hang
Lee Yiu Ging
Ling Chi Hung
Ling Hon
Lui Hung
Ma Hon Yuen
Ng Yuen Fan
Ngai Tim Choi
Shum Lo
Ting Tung
Elvis Tsui
Wang Han Chen
Wong Chi Keung
Wong Ching Ho
Wong Chue Kwong
Wong Pau Gei
Ringo Wong
Wong Wa
Wong Wai Tong
Yeung Chi Hing
Jacky Yeung
Yuen Bun
Yuen Wah

Directed by:

Tong Gaai

Tang Chia is considered one of the greatest kung-fu choreographers ever, but he only directed three movies of his own. This, his last, is not only his greatest but one of the greatest ever, as the leader of the Ten Kwangtung Tigers falls victim to drug addiction. The tragedies and drama that ensue are as stunning as the kung-fu, created by a superlative team of six martial artists. A legitimate masterpiece and one of the finest, most effecting martial arts movies Shaw Brothers ever produced.

Video:  Color / 16:9 Enhanced / 2.35:1 Widescreen Version 
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Language: English Language
Subtitles: None

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